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Discounts for Veterans to Start Their Own Business Franchises

Military members gain a host of crucial leadership and adaptability skills during their service to our country.

When the time comes to reintegrate back into civilian life, scores of veterans look to leverage those unique skills and build their own businesses. To help aid those prospective entrepreneurs, dozens of national franchises offer incentives to help veterans get local franchises off the ground.

Starting from Scratch

The UPS store offers one of the most competitive veteran discounts to those starting a franchise. The company waives $10,000 in franchise fees and knocks off a whopping 75% from its application fee, making a UPS store franchise one of the most popular within the veteran-owned small business community.

GNC is another business with special franchise opportunities offered to veterans. A 25 percent discount on normal franchise fees is extended to any veterans interested in opening a GNC franchise location.

The UPS store and GNC are just two of the hundreds of businesses that offer franchise discounts to veterans. If you’re interested in owning a small business this can definitely help out.

Franchise Catalog

A catalog of veteran franchise discounts can be found at the Veteran’s Franchises website where you can browse a directory to learn more about businesses and veteran incentives.

Whether you’ve been looking into owning a small business for a while now or are curious about what your options are when you return from active duty, utilizing the benefits of a veteran franchise is something worth looking into.

And the benefits don’t stop at start-up.

Once you’re established, you can register with the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA). NaVOBA is dedicated to helping veteran-owned businesses prosper. From being cataloged as a veteran friendly establishment to connecting with new business ventures, veteran owned franchises and businesses are a great option.