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Military Kids Day at the Ballpark sponsored by Veterans United Home Loans

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Military Kids Day at the Ballpark Courtesy of Veterans United and the Missouri National Guard

At Veterans United Home Loans, we’re inspired by the family members of those deployed in the military and their unmatched resilience, strength and dedication to their deployed service members.

To show our appreciation, we’re teaming up with the Missouri National Guard to take a select group of military families who have a parent away on deployment to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.

Event Details

  • Sunday, September 15, 2019
  • Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers

This year’s Military Kids Day at the Ballpark is Sunday, September 15, 2019 when the St. Louis Cardinals face the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cardinals will help us recognize the sacrifice these unsung heroes make on a daily basis by treating the families to a once in a lifetime experience at the ballpark.

If selected, you and your children will be treated to a day at the ballpark filled with food, fun and family…and baseball of course! Each child of a deployed service member will receive their own custom jersey, customized baseball cards and more.

"It's one way we can say thank you to our children and their parents / guardians for their daily sacrifices while their service member is deployed," says Pam Swan, director of military relations. "The support family members and loved ones provide for our deployed men and women is vital to the American way of life and cannot go overlooked."

Check Out the Highlights from Last Year's Event!

"Thank you all for a wonderful evening. Mason and I had such a good time! He loved getting to go on the field and see the baseball players up close. That is definitely something neither of us have ever done before. It will be something we remember for a long time to come." Ashley Proctor, and son Mason
"We had such a wonderful time!!!!! That was the best game David and I have attended! We appreciated everything, especially getting the soldiers their goodies overseas to keep them a part of the event." Mitzi Dell, and son David
"We had a great time and felt very blessed to attend! What a great way to encourage military kids who have had to miss their dads for a year. Thank you for sponsoring this event and making our military kids feel special." Linda Adamson, and daughter Hope
"THANK YOU to you and all the staff and the people who made this awesome night possible. You guys are awesome!! My kid and I had a blast and dad watched the fireworks live." Dinorah Montanez, and son Juan
"We really enjoyed the game and were just happy to be there. The commitment and generosity regarding this whole experience is amazing. FYI – Alex loves showing off his baseball cards, especially his!" Valery Gallagher, and son Alexander
"Thank you so much. We had an incredible time. It's a night Thomas and I will remember forever. Honestly, I cannot think of anything that could have been better. Thanks so much for the night and everything Veterans United does for families like mine. Thomas felt so special and that's everything I could have hoped for!" Christina Traber, and son Thomas