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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Identity Safe

We are constantly bombarded with information about identity theft and ways to keep our personal information personal, but some are incredibly complicated.

With all the scare tactics in the media and intense measures many people go through to keep their identity safe, it is easy to forget simple ways to prevent identity theft.

Here are five everyday tips anyone can use to protect their personal information:

1. Buy A Shredder

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your identity safe. Once you have read and paid old bills, don’t simply throw them in the trash. Shred them.

It is also a good to get a shredder capable of cutting through paper, credit cards and CDs and to properly dispose of old cards and records you might normally just toss in the trash.

Avoiding identity theft can be easy and cheap. For those wondering which documents to shred, here is a good rule of thumb for what should go in the shredder and what should go in the trash: If you’re questioning it, shred it.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Bills

One of the easiest ways to prevent credit-ruining and bank-account-draining identity theft is to keep an eye on your monthly statements.

Often times we simply glance at our final balance and say, “Oh, that’s about right,” when we should really check to make sure we recognize each payment.

It is easy to overlook small purchases, but those looking to steal your identity will often make a small purchase or two to test the validity of the card and information before proceeding to the big stuff.

Notify your bank or credit card company immediately of any unrecognized payments.